Since 1910 one of the oldest companies operating in the Italian territory.
Over the years of activity "Impresa Silvio Pierobon S.R.L." has been involved in numerous projects
in the field of both new construction of engineering works
and in the static and seismic restoration of Bridges, Viaducts,
Motorway and railway overpasses and architectural emergencies .
Some of the largest public sector clients
rely on our experience and commitment.


The Silvio Pierobon SRL Company , founded in 1910 by Cavalier Silvio Pierobon, has always worked in the field of Civil Engineering through the design and construction of civil and industrial buildings, river, hydraulic, hydroelectric and railway works , road, restoration and maintenance of real estate under the protection of the Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage and Activities. Its solid and autonomous structure intervenes in all its sector addresses with particular reference to the design, construction and maintenance of viaducts, tunnels, river defense works, hydraulic arrangement and reclamation. In this regard, the Company, from the year of its establishment, immediately acknowledging the importance of collaboration between entrepreneurs in the same area, has promoted and founded the Building Constructors Association of Belluno in the Confindustrial area. By correlating the initial strategy to the technical evolution of the sector, over the years the Company has optimized and developed its internal synergies, flanked by the support of external collaborators of proven and primary professionalism, thus gaining important work experiences both in the sector of Public Works and Private Construction.


In order to better fulfill the commitments deriving from the "EN ISO 9001 - EN ISO 14001 - EN ISO 37001 - EN ISO 45001 - SA 8000" certifications , the Company has adopted an adequate technical organization, ductile and flexible, headed by the Legal Representative and Technical Director Dr. Eng. Silvio Rodolfo Pierobon; who with this qualification presents an over thirty-year curriculum. In addition to the Engineer, other qualified professionals also hold the position of Technical Director who, by virtue of the experience gained in the company, have specific role skills. The Management - in each sector - has appointed referents with proven competence who, as Special Attorneys, are delegated to discuss and resolve with the contracting Administrations every aspect concerning the management of the contracts acquired. The technical staff is completed by several Contract Managers in possession of professional qualifications and qualifications suitable for the performance of the assignment. In the alternative to these figures, work order assistants and site managers and the relative operational teams, suitably trained and enabled for the function. Still with regard to technical capacity, the Company has in its availability functional equipment and systems and means of work, efficient and adequate, regularly reviewed and authorized for circulation - on the road and on the railway line - in accordance with the relevant regulations in force.


The Company, for the scope including all the categories of work for which it is qualified, has certified its Integrated Management System in compliance with the following standards: - ISO 9001: 2015-Quality, ISO 14001: 2015-Environment, OHSAS 18001: 2007 - Safety ; - It has developed its own Social Responsibility Management System , certifying it in compliance with Standard SA 8000: 2014 ; - It has created its own Organization, Management and Control Model complete with Code of Ethics, compliant with Legislative Decree 231/2001 and appointed - as a guarantee of compliance and implementation of the Model and Code - a Supervisory Body, monochromatic and external to the Company .


Since the beginning, the Silvio Pierobon S.R.L. has a solid and completely autonomous structure capable of intervening in all sectors to which it has directed its business, with particular reference to the construction and maintenance of all types of engineering works of art. By correlating the initial farsighted strategy to the technical evolution of the sector, over the years, the company has optimized and developed its internal synergies. Thanks also to the support of external collaborators of proven and primary professionalism, he has gained important work experience in the branch of public works and special works, fulfilling with flexibility and reliability the requests of his client constituted by the most important National Bodies, including the Railway Network Italian and ANAS. The result of the efforts made is proven by the Work Execution Certificates, issued by the Bodies themselves, which allow the company to be currently certified for the execution and design of Public Works in fifteen categories of work, of which seven relating to specialist works. The Company management, in line with these guiding choices, has always promoted the involvement of all collaborators in the search for the improvement of their activities to fully satisfy the needs of the Client / Client.